Brandon has a knack for identifying the places in your life where you’re basically BSing yourself. Thanks to his coaching, I was able to get over doubts I had about my ability to relocate to another city and find work, as well as, most recently, being able to approach someone close to me talk about a sensitive issue that neither one of us wanted to deal with. Brandon’s coaching is empathetic, effective, and a relentless expression of his commitment to helping you be your best.


I have had the sincere privilege of not only speaking on this man’s stage in MoMondays Aurora; but also learning from his confidence and passion as a host of the event and perhaps most significant – hearing Brandon speak, himself. Brandon is a beautiful soul that has demonstrated the epitome of resilience as he confronts life with strength and compassion. Brandon is the very definition of overcoming adversity as he has and continues to demonstrate that while life may throw a few light posts in your path – none of them have to stop you from walking altogether. I can only imagine the services he provides within Life Coaching would be next level. I highly encourage anyone intrigued, to get to know Brandon because he is an incredible human being that will heal your heart and leave it feeling warm and fulfilled.


When it comes to life coaching, there are countless ways to handle life’s challenges, and I have tried many of them. With hard work and a lot of time and money invested, they all can work, but nothing I have heard of or experienced works as quickly as the work Brandon does. Brandon was able to get to the root of my problem, the real problem, where I felt powerless and not good enough, an all without having to re-live the trauma of my past. What could have taken me years of talk therapy to address and resolve was released in less than 15 hours of work, with ease and grace and the guidance of Brandon. The change he helped me create in my life has empowered me to once again go after my dreams with confidence and conviction. Thank you Brandon, you are truly a miracle worker and blessing to this world.