Looking to make that longterm
commitment? Strengthen your relationship with a personalized pre-marital coaching program.

  • Learn what it takes to communicate more powerfully with your partner.
  • Explore conflict resolution tactics to determine which is the best method for your relationship.
  • Learn how to actively listen to your partner to avoid conflict and miscommunication.
  • Understand the importance of task/ responsibility prioritization and deligation in the shared household.
  • Explore love languages and the deepest mechanisms of the unconscious mind to ensure that you and your partner always feel loved in the relationship.
  • Determine the details of yours, and your partner’s, sexuality to understand wants, needs, and likes during those intimate moments.


Coming up against boundaries, barriers, and problems in health, finances, love, sex, the relationship you have with yourself, and/or your professional life? Not sure how to move forward and overcome these obstacles? You might benefit from a personalized breakthrough program! 

  • Dive deep into your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to uncover what’s truly holding you back. Work towards removing these obstacles so they’ll stop deterring you from creating your future.
  • Understand and eliminate bad habits and destructive behaviours.
  • Gain confidence and begin shaping the life you truly want for yourself.
  • Repair a damaged relationship with a spouse, friend, or loved one.


Sometimes, all that’s needed to help you move towards your desired achievements is, simply, someone to help guide the process.
A personalized coaching program might be for you if:

  • You want to set goals and work towards achieving them.
  • You need help staying focused and keeping a forward momentum on your goals.
  • You experience unexplained, debilitating anxiety in a particular aspect of your life.
  • There are negative emotions or limiting decisions that are getting in your way and stopping you from moving forward.
  • You are looking to move past a recent
    negative experience and need some direction.


Do you find your constantly experiencing seemingly unjustified or unwarranted negative emotions? Maybe that voice in your head is babbling at you and discouraging you from taking the next step forward? Creating Your Future® processes is a powerful technique designed to help alleviate negative emotions and limiting decisions. While CYF® will not often been used as a stand-alone technique, it will almost always be integrated into any of the above programs. CYF® can also be used as a technique to help eliminate past traumas, negative emotional attachments, and phobias that influence your behaviours and life trajectory.


Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the effects that domestic distress, marital problems, and general loneliness can have on all other aspects of our lives. It can leave us feeling hopeless, unmotivated, stressed, useless, and a whole myriad of other unproductive, negative emotions. Brandon is able to provide educational, effective, and interactive presentations on a variety of topics, such as: building effective communication patterns; conflict resolution strategies; productive mindset; coping mechanisms; building healthy relationships; and more!


Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to access your unconscious mind and install suggestions and ideas that can be integrated into your behaviours and life trajectory. As with Creating Your Future processes®, hypnosis will rarely be used as a stand-alone technique; however, it will often be woven into any of the above programs.

If you are interested in any of these services, don’t hesitate to Contact Brandon Today!