Have you ever seen The Girl Next Door? It’s a film about an adult moviestar named Danielle who decides to leave the industry. She moves to a small town and meets an innocent young man who helps her transition into mainstream life. Now, during the film, there’s a part where the young man, Matthew, makes a bit of a mistake. His actions, coupled with the negative influence of a former coworker, causes Danielle to go back to the business.
Why am I telling you this? Because there’s a piece of dialogue right before Danielle returns to the industry that goes like this:…


I’m going to apologize in advanced for any spoilers that may come up as I write this, but I was inspired to touch upon this subject when I was Recently introduced to the television series Orange is the New Black.
Relatively early in the series, a character named Tiffany Doggette, more commonly known as Pennsatucky, was sexually assaulted by a prison guard. Later in the series, however, she forgave the guard for the attack. This forgiveness was not for the purpose of relieving him of his guilt, but to relieve herself of her suffering. However, regardless of Tiffany’s feelings, her friend, and former cellmate, Big Boo, refused to let the matter drop.
Pennsatucky then says the following:…


The last blog post that I wrote was about pain vs. suffering in a general sense. We touched on the idea that while it may be easier to allow painful experiences to drag you down and leave you in the gutter, it is important that you choose not to let that happen. You can’t put your life on hold just because you’re in pain, right?
But, unfortunately, people choose to suffer every day.
When it comes to relationships, most of us have experienced a traumatic or emotionally scarring event. These events often foster insecurities that we carry around from one relationship to another. And it’s not even just romantic relationships that ingrain these insecurities into us…