Hello there and welcome!

Before I began my work in empowering people to build the relationships that they truly deserve, I spent seven years in the music industry as a promoter, DJ, and writer for a music magazine. What I loved most about this was my ability to connect artists to the people they needed to network with in order to create their final masterpiece and make their vision come to life. Interestingly enough, throughout this process many artists confided in me about the potentially toxic deals and partnerships from labels or that they were willing to accept. Either they believed that these deals were deserved based on their value, or they believed them to be better than nothing.
But why was this happening?
That is what intrigued me. Why would they take such a terrible deal that benefitted them so little? Why wouldn’t they hold out for an offer that would truly allow them to shine? Could it be a connection to their self-worth that not even they realized? And, if these talented individuals didn’t realize their worth, could I be doing the same thing? When I took a good hard look at myself, I realized I was devaluing myself in my personal relationships!

I noticed a connection. For almost as long as I’d been in the music industry, I had also been involved in one toxic relationship after another. I was constantly being hurt or being made to feel like I was worthless. And worst of all, I accepted this treatment. I wasn’t honouring my self-worth and it was pulling my mental health into turmoil.
Romantic love has always been fascinating and alluring to me. I was constantly giving intuitive advice to friends who would inquire about their own romantic situations. However ,when it came to my own relationships, I was not allowing my value to be acknowledged. It became very clear that I was being deeply hypocritical.
Finally, it all came to an apex. Constantly allowing myself to be devalued was becoming tiresome, and all of this build-up was causing me to turn into a person that that I didn’t like. It ended in the broken engagement with a woman whom I believed was the love of my life.
I wanted to know what I could do to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. I wanted to attract a romantic partner that would value and love me in ways that I deserved. I began my own research into aspects of both healthy and dysfunctional relationships.

I discovered the world of personal development, and began working with a coach to help clear up the pain and insecurities that derived from all of these toxic past experiences.
Finally, I began to attract healthy, sophisticated relationships. Not only from romantic partners, but also in my circle of friends and business associates. I grew and evolved as a person and a partner. It was the catalyst to changing my entire life.
With passion and understanding, I empower my clients to discover their self-worth and honour it—to create the relationships they deserve and to attract loving and supportive people into their lives. With my guidance and support, my clients grow and are given the ability to live every day with this knowledge.
I infuse clients with the realization that they deserve the world and grant them the tools to create the life they choose!
I am a Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Creating Your Future® processes, and am currently completing a behavioural psychology degree, so that no matter what problem my clients are facing, we have the tools to unleash their excellence!