3 Ways to Make Sure Your Relationship Survives Corona

I know a lot of couples are having some difficulties during all of this. You’re not used to spending so much time together and, after a couple weeks, it’s possible you’re at each other’s throats. Here’s a few quick tips that might help you stop thinking about moving out once this is all over:

Understand that it’s okay to do things alone, even if your significant other is nearby

You might be used to giving your full attention to your partner when they’re around, and that’s fantastic, though, after a while, it could grow to be too much. A key factor in making sure that your relationship survives isolation is making sure that each of you gets a healthy amount of alone time.

Allow both you and your partner to engage in activities you enjoy separately. You might read a book, you might play video games, you may enjoy a beer on the back deck, the important thing is to let yourself take that time and to not penalize your partner if they need to do their own activities. Just because they need to be alone, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore. Space is sometimes needed and can be therapeutic. Avoid robbing yourself or your significant other of the opportunity to take advantage of personal space.

Practice mindfulness

I know, it’s a buzz word these days, but it works. When I say mindfulness here, however, I’m referring to interactions with your partner. With prolonged close contact, you might find yourself irritable and tense. If you find that you and your partner have begun snapping at one another STOP. Pause. Consider what you are snapping about. Consider what you need in this moment to diffuse the situation. Then ASK for it. Your partner is not a mind reader and if you need some time to yourself it’s okay to make that known. If you would like your partner to do something to help you manage things during isolation, say so.

I say again, your partner is NOT a mind reader.

Above and beyond all that, it’s a tense time for everyone and, unfortunately, that means that we’re not always thinking about other people, regardless of how much we love them. Communicate with your partner if you need something from them and ask if there is anything you can do to make things easier on their side of the fence. This communication can go a long way.

Be a little thoughtful

At this stage, the world is closed. We’re working around it, though and there are plenty of things you can do to make your partner feel special. A couple examples might be purchasing them a little gift through online shopping; volunteer to play their favourite game with them, even if you hate it; give them a massage; entertain the kids so they can take a hot bath/shower and relax for an hour; order them a spontaneous meal from their favourite still-open restaurant; do household chores that you don’t normally complete; write them a short, romantic note and tuck it somewhere for them to find; and the list goes on.

As I mentioned, in times of crisis, sometimes it’s difficult to think about others. Doing something special to make your partner feel loved and appreciated can be paramount to making sure they’re still yours to hold when this is all over.

Let’s make the best of this! I know we can!

Be happy, be safe, be loved,


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